New Recording!

The Topping Tooters of the Town: 
Music of the London Waits 1580-1650

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'Performing on period instruments constructed to Renaissance specifications, the group furnishes the perfect musical time-travel, and it will have you drumming along on your steering wheel or desk in no time.'

-WRCB Classical Radio Boston, 'CD Pick of the Week'

Our new album is a celebration of the music of the ‘waits’ – town musicians who were famed in London for their artistry and skill on a par with those at the court.  The London Waits were highly skilled and valued musicians in Elizabethan and Jacobean society. They were an aural emblem of the city, employed for civic ceremonies and public events, the theatre and dances, and in liturgical services. The Topping Tooters of the Town celebrates the diversity and glorious sound of a Waits band at its best.